Friday, 30 May 2014

So sew a star or two,

How hard can that be?


in my own inimitable style very, very, hard that is.  I do it all the time, want to run before I can walk, if I decide to revisit Crochet, I conveniently forget that a lot of Granny Squares over the years don't exactly set you up for that wispy, filmy cobweb style scarf you have your eye on.  

So knowing next to nothing about patchwork and quilting, I immediately want to dive into truly intricate stars and fantastical flowers, forget that you sometimes have trouble keeping a straight line when you're sewing.  

I really can be a dope.  I did think though that I ought to stick a few photo's up of exactly what I have been doing.

These are the star blocks for my first ever quilt,  when I decided to have a go at quilting I found the Craftsy on-line courses, this is the 2012 Block of the Month Quilt, that I started in 2014 but I'm not alone in that.  I like Amy Gibson's teaching style, and I'm proud of the blocks I've done so far, as I get nearer to the putting it all together stage though, I'm getting more and more nervous. 

I know I'll get there but I want to be producing Lone Star's with perfect Y junctions and Ninja Stars with perfect points,  not contenting myself with a 9 patch that I didn't have to unpick,  (chuckles to self)

Patience, something that I need, but I need it NOW. :) 

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